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Careers education community launch

The Career Development Institute (CDI) has launched its latest ‘community of interest’ for members working in schools and colleges. The careers education community is being promoted at the strengthening careers education conferences, the last of which is taking place in Birmingham on 1st October.

At the moment, the careers education community has a small planning group chaired by Sue Barr who is on CDI Council but a new committee will be elected at the CDI annual conference in Glasgow in November 2014.

The planning group would like to encourage careers practitioners in schools and colleges (including teachers, teaching support staff and careers advisers) and those who support them to join the CDI and get involved in the community.

The aims of the community are to:

  • promote the voice for careers education
  • ensure that the CDI is the ‘go-to’ organisation for careers education professionals working in schools and colleges
  • develop, share and disseminate careers education resources
  • strengthen professional learning and development opportunities for staff and practitioners working with young people
  • draft initial responses on careers education policy issues on behalf of the CDI.

The careers education community has already contributed to the CDI’s submission to the Education Select Committee’s follow-up inquiry into how well schools are implementing the new statutory duty. It has also begun identifying relevant news items to go in the CDI fortnightly e-newsletter. Plans are underway to write articles for Career Matters and to update Better Practice (ACEG, 2008). The planning group will shortly be asking members of the community for their views on what should go in the new revision.

Thanks to the efforts of Janet Colledge, over fifty members have joined the community’s Linkedin group (To join, go to and click on Careers Education).

As well as meeting online, the planning group hope that as many members as possible will be able to attend this year’s annual conference where the community will hold its first face-to-face meeting. The conference runs in Glasgow from 17-18 November. As well as a varied and interesting programme of keynote speakers, participants will be able to attend a range of relevant workshops. Topics include:

  • Project based learning in careers education
  • What careers are young people really interested in and what do they really think of the careers support they receive?
  • How do students make choices?
  • UCAS Progress – getting the most from the national course search and apply service for post-16 transition
  • How not to do a Paris Brown! Aka the effects of social media on your pupil's career progression
  • Building career resilience
  • LMI for All: Careers focussed Labour market information
  • Making the most of International Opportunities
  • Parental Guidance
  • Bringing science careers alive
  • Exploring study options abroad/Imagine Studying in Canada
  • ‘Sage on the Stage or Guide on the Side?’ – the role of the Careers Adviser in an increasingly automated world
  • Promoting STEM careers in pre 16 education: the role of FE and the skills sector
  • Virtual Summit – a new approach - combining motivational techniques of sport and exercise with goal setting to support personal and career development planning
  • What is impartiality and how do careers practitioners manage it?
  • “If you look the part you’ll get the job”: appearance in the work place, and the role of the career practitioner
  • Careers in Homebuilding: A bit of a mystery or a fantastic opportunity? What research tells us about the knowledge of advisers and young people about this fascinating sector

For more information about the Strengthening Careers Education Conference in Birmingham on 1st October

For more information about the annual CDI conference in Glasgow from 17-18 November


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  • Natalie Bailey

    To whom it may concern
    I am the PSHE coordinator at Cumberland School, Plaistow and organizing a careers fair for our Year 8’s who will be choosing their options soon. Would it be possible for you or anyone linked to your organisation or professionals to attend this exciting event? We are hoping to have as many professionals from Newham or London present to not only provide valuable careers information but to inspire our pupils. This will take place on the 9th October and will run from 9:00- 1:00.
    I look forward to your reply
    Many thanks
    Natalie Bailey

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  • Anthony

    Hi Natalie
    I’m pleased to pass on your invitation to anyone who would like to get in touch with you and perhaps call in on that morning. It’s a great way for them to find out what’s involved in organising a careers fair if they’re thinking of running one themselves. I wish you all the best for a successful morning. Your Year 8s should get a lot out of it!
    Best wishes

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  • Deborah Godwin

    I like the idea of a community of interest, however, my request to join has been pending for 3 weeks now.  Feeling frustrated to say the least!!

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